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Frank Phillips not only cared for children, he felt a deep responsibility to share the history of our country and our state with future generations. Today at Woolaroc, the mission and dream of Frank Phillips lives on. From our annual Kidsfest each June to our Animal Barn and our new Children's Playground, they all serve as extensions of the mission.

For the children, having fun at Woolaroc is a learning process…from the baby animals to our playground toys, each one is a reminder of the history of the ground they play on. Only a few steps away from the Playground are the front doors to the incredible museum and behind those doors lives the magic of the ages, a storybook of dreams and a journey that rivals the greatest fiction.

But these stories are real and are part of Woolaroc and part of Frank Phillips, and now, they are part of our children. Children love Woolaroc, for here MAGIC still happens every day! Welcome home…to Woolaroc.